First mega kitchen of Indian charitable trust


10 years ago, who knew that the humble kitchen of Hubli that was providing mid-day meals to 4,000 children will grow to become a mega kitchen? The Akshaya Patra Foundation, an Indian Charitable Trust, has been implementing the mid-day meal programme since 2000. The charity’s Hubli kitchen was established in 2004 and was one of the first kitchens of the Foundation. Initially, it was serving mid-day meals to 4,000 children and gradually the kitchen was providing for 80,000 children.
Working in partnership, the Government of Karnataka allotted a bigger plot in the outskirts of Hubli to cater to the increasing number of beneficiaries. The new facility is equipped with advanced technological mechanisms and has become the first mega and model kitchen of this Indian Charitable Trust. This kitchen is an example of the joint effort of professional architects, devotees and engineering students. The Hubli kitchen is an ISO 22000:2005 certified centralised facility. Currently the Hubli kitchen provides mid-day meals to over 126,000 children every day covering around 789 Government schools.
The Akshaya Patra Blog titled Hubli Kitchen: From Traditional to Contemporary will give you a detailed account of this Indian Charitable Trust’s kitchen.

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