Akshaya Patra draws motivation from positive reviews

akshaya patra reviews

Many social and economic issues prevailing in the society are instrumental in hindering the growth and development of a country. These include the issues like poverty, hunger and illiteracy. These issues need to be resolved for the better future of a country. Many organizations work for the great cause of serving humanity and eliminating the problems faced by the backward and underprivileged people in the country. Akshaya Patra Foundation is one such non-profit organization which looks forward to deal with the health related issues in the rural areas for children and ensures their education.

On an average, the organization provides mid day meals to around 1.4 million children every day.  The organization is lead by Madhu Pandit Dasa who is a devotee of Lord Krishna and looks forward to serving humanity. As per Akshaya Patra Reviews conducted by various organizations, the people working for the organization are effective as well as efficient as in less than five hours they make thousands of Indian flatbread to be served and transported to various schools and educational institutions.

akshaya patra mid day meal

In less than 15 years, Akshaya Patra Foundation has gained considerable success in eliminating hunger and poverty and is considered as one of the most effective NGO. At present the organization reaches around 1.5 million children belonging to the backward areas. By 2020 the organization aims at reaching around 5 million children every day for the development of rural areas and the country as a whole. It focuses on the major and most important social issues and aims at eliminating the ills like child malnourishment, deficiencies of calories and other essential nutrients, child mortality and illiteracy.

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