Akshaya Patra- One of the most effective NGOs

Akshaya Patra, one of the leading non-profit organizations working for the noble cause of eradicating hunger and poverty from India has garnered a great feedback for its impeccable services. The internet is flooded with positive Akshaya Patra reviews which hold a mirror to the power of nutrition and education in transforming the lives of children struggling to survive against all odds.  On an average, the organization provides mid day meals to around 1.4 million children every day. It aims at reaching around 5 million children by the year 2020. With the vision of serving the underprivileged sections of the society, the organization has achieved considerable success in eliminating hunger and poverty and emerged as one of the most effective NGOs.

A review describing the visit to Namma Kiriya Prathamika Shalley, Bengaluru highlights the commendable services of Akshaya Patra. It shows how Akshaya Patra is effective in serving mid-day meals to the students. The hearty laughs & innocent smiles of the students and cheerful environment of Namma Kiriya Prathamika Shalley reflect the success of Akshaya Patra in ensuring the welfare of deprived sections of society.

When asked about the food served by Akshaya Patra, Shirisha, a student of Namma Kiriya Prathamika Shalley stated that, “Akshaya Patra’s food is very tasty and it increases my concentration and helps me remain active in class.”

Vinitha K who is a student of Standard VI said that, ““I love the food that Akshaya Patra is providing us. The food keeps me energetic throughout the day and I can practice my dance lessons without getting tired.”