Akshaya Patra Foundation Ties Up With FreeCharge To Enable Digital Donations.

Akshaya Patra Foundation

The serene beauty of the winter season induces the zeal for sharing the joy and spread some smiles. However, during these cold weather months, life becomes even harder for the under-privileged people. Demonetization has drastically impacted the count of contributions received by the NGOs from keen donors.

In this scenario, Akshaya Patra Foundation (APF) has teamed up FreeCharge, India’s leading digital payments platform to enable digital donations through an app. FreeCharge has recently launched a feature, which has a “Donate” button on its app, through which FreeCharge users can make direct donations to Akshaya Patra Foundation and other prominent NGOs in the country.

Sundeep Talwar, Chief Marketing Officer – Akshaya Patra Foundation said, “Akshaya Patra is committed to remove classroom hunger and encourage the deserving children to pursue their education without hurdles.”

Talwar further added, “This new feature on the FreeCharge App is a great way for APF to connect with kind-hearted people who value the nation’s future and are willing to support the next generation. We are positive about garnering more support through this new platform and by leveraging technology we can broaden our impact.”

This donate feature will help the users to complete donations within 10-seconds in a hassle-free and secure manner. Donors will also be given tax certificates from the NGOs with reference to their donations.

Using digital wallets for charity is indeed a great idea that will help users do their bit for causes they care for, in a smooth manner.



3 thoughts on “Akshaya Patra Foundation Ties Up With FreeCharge To Enable Digital Donations.

  1. This is a great work to help a needy one by offering food to hungry. Education is another but not a mandatory thing, but obviously a necessary thing for today’s life. i am glad that m a part of such organisation who helps poor kid, help them by food and with education both. We are focusing on health and future. The vision is very pure “NO CHILD IN INDIA SHALL BE DEPRIVED OF EDUCATION BECAUSE OF HUNGER”. I request to those who are capable enough who can help other, plz help them.

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  2. Invention of this thought is wonderful. as many of us willing to donate but cant bcoz of time barrier. via this feature of freecharge app we can do donation activities too. this is really wonderful.


  3. I heard name of akshaya patra so many times but in actual i had experience with this firm last month. they people are doing a noble deed. After that i showed my interest with the firm and applied for a job so that i can also be a part of such a blessing work.


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